THE GOAL: To create a unit (re)design template and/or classroom walkthrough template that will allow educators to think about technology integration within the context of student agency and higher-order thinking skills steeped in important disciplinary concepts.

1. Find Your Design Team: Members should represent a wide range of roles, grade levels positions and perspectives. Each team will select one lesson from below or can discuss a lesson they are currently teaching or familiar with.

2. TASK: Use the RIGHT Framework to re-frame one lessons below and document how you believe adding this "new degree" added passion, potential and power to the understanding and experience.
  • The goal is not to hit every aspect of trudacot every time for every lesson, unit, or activity.
  • Focus on growth over time. Pick small areas in which to shift and then build upon those successes.
  • Pick ONLY A FEW sections or bullet points to address (unless, perhaps, it is a multi-week project). Technology integration always should be purposeful and targeted. Hopefully students will get to live in all of these areas multiple times (mix it up throughout the year!) but for any given lesson or activity, target just a few.
  • Get students involved in the conversation; they can help (re)design with you!

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Remember to ask and reflect on the following : Beautiful Questions

3. Additional Resources to Inform The Practice