Most workshops and classes begin with a review of the content to be covered, expectations of the day and other information provided by the teacher instructor. And when technology is involved, we often jump right to the screen or to our devices. The human or social element is often disregarded.

What is interesting is regardless of age and position, we all enter the classroom or course, wondering who is in the course. We want to know about the teacher and the people in the class not what material is to be covered. What this says to me as an educator is that it all begins with a social connection – between the educator and the learners, and between the learners themselves.

All of my classes, regardless of student age or demographics – elementary gifted students or graduate students, begin with ice-breakers and team-building activities. I recently developed a passion for using students’ mobile devices to do so as this devices have become natural and personalized extensions of students’ “selves.”

Today's Ice Breaker is one of my favorites; it is called: I LIKE- I WISH- I WONDER

1. We will be using the platform Padlet to share our digital responses to the above prompts. Here is my contribution.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 2.37.48 PM.png

2. I have created a space to share our collective responses here: Community Padlet

3. Once you are in the space; click twice, and your blank pad will appear. You will see an edit button (pencil icon) in the top right corner and you can begin to add any or all of the following:

  • I LIKE-I WISH-I WONDER Responses
  • The mobile photo you shared when introducing yourself
  • An additional photo or video to extend your story
  • Links to websites or personal pages you want others to know of

Be as creative as you want, and don't be shy to reach out to your table mates for help or advice.

You have 15 minutes, and then we will share.